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There are four live events all at Coventry Cathedral.
9.9.19 Genexis 2019 Episode 1


Beginnings: The chance appearance of all matter, energy and momentum out of nothing and for no particular reason.

16.9.19 Genexis 2019 Episodes 2 & 3


Numbers: A universe that operates according to ascertainable rules that are coherent, logical and intelligible.

Life: That the physical universe appears to be fine-tuned across its attributes to the highly improbable incidence of life in abundant variety.

23.9.19 Genexis 2019 Episode 4 & 5


DNA: That all life is generated and replicated by a highly sophisticated chemical code, reflecting order and purpose.

Consciousness: That the human mind insists that it is free to think and decide apart from the determinism of the atomic matter of which it appears solely to consist.

30.9.19 Genexis 2019 Episode 6 & 7


Ethics: That human existence is governed and understood through concepts of morality and justice that cannot be derived from a purely materialistic world view.

Life after Death: The compelling historical evidence for the wildly impossible proposition that 2000 years ago a maverick preacher from Nazareth in Palestine died but then lived to tell the tale.